More pictures from protest against the Co$, Poole, March 14th 1998

Xenu's wife being harangued by clam The clam on the left, pulled the usual stunt and accused protesters of being criminals. ("what crimes have you committed in this lifetime? what crimes have you committed in this lifetime?!!"...). He must have managed to understand the part of the PTS/SP handling course where any critic is described as being a criminal.
Protsters and alien One Markab, someone dressed as Xenu and Xemu himself...

The new-style balloons featured here went like hot-cakes to the kids (as usual). The print reads Xemu loves you.
Xemu and Roland discussing with the police As usual, the clams submitted a complaint to the police. The police had a long discussion with Dave and Roland about our picketing methods, and we reluctantly agreed to shut down the sound system (seeing how an AA representative was trying to canvass a bit further up the street).
Body routers The clams started body-routing when we showed up. The guy facing the camera just passed through (I don't know if he was a clam, but he seems to be having a great time).
Clam with OSA magazine Another clam, handing out copies of "Winning," the magazine of OSA ("we audit the fourth dynamic" - huh??).

We were very appreciative of the clams handing out a publication which must read like complete gobbledygook to the uninitiated stranger.
Clam handing out leaflet with no seeming ironic intent Ted Mayett calls his $cientologists "monkeys." This one is the first I've seen who actually looks like one...

He didn't want to give me a copy of his leaflet (awh!!).

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