More pictures from protest against the Co$, London, February 1998

Apologies for the mountains of garbage on the pavement (sidewalk) in the first two pictures. I guess that's just the kind of place the Co$ hangs out...

Xemu, sound-system and chief engineer and bottle-washer of sound-system project This picture shows a happy user (Xemu himself), the sound-system and the chief engineer and bottle-washer on the sound-system project (the Markab behind the box).

photo: Hartly P.
Xemu, sound system and Jacques Vollet The sound-system was nearing its final state at this demo. One notes that - in contrast to the first appearance, the elements in the box are secured with straps (less tacky than bubble-foam in the first incarnation) and that the box of electronics on the right has a proper front decoration. Finally, the back has an appropriate legend on it.

Jacques Vollet of OSA is busy taking his umpteenth picture of Dave who's not in the least perturbed by the intrusion. The mike-stand allows the performer more freedom of movement and permits the use of extra instruments / scripts / props.
clam leaving org This clam left the org shortly into the pre-demo. We didn't see much of him during the rest of the protest.
clam trying to get our leaflet back from passer-bys Again at the pre-demo, a clam talks to a group of passer-bys who had taken one of our leaflets. We presume that he's trying to convince them that they don't want to read our stuff. Strange attitude for a group which encourages people to think for themself, but that's $cientology for you...
clam ladies Two leafletters. The one on the left is busy looking sultry, the one on the right looks serious and a bit lost.
protester This is Peter H., new to our protests. He seems to be having a lovely time ;-).
clam in front of org - police people in org In what must be a tiringly familar situation, the police was called to the demo. They went inside, listened to the clams kvetching and then went outside and talked to our people. As usual, the police could find nothing wrong whatsoever with our activities.

"Coco" who arrived late (had he been called in on a day off?) looks suitably serious out in front.
leafletting clam and coffee-breaking clam A very mellow-looking clam out for a short coffee break in the mniddle of the demo.
two leafletters Yet another leafletters

More leafletting clam ladies.

photos: Hartly P.

Clam, passer-by and protester The passer-by on the right is being handed a leaflet (or a copy of "Freedom®" or whatever). One notes the lovely shopping bag...

photo: Hartly P.

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