Pictures from protest against the Co$, London, February 1998

Noon pre-demo The February protest was the first time we deployed a new strategy: the noon pre-demo. The purpose of this is to get close to the students who are supposed to leave for lunch break at noon exactly.

We had the sound-system (on the far left) playing extracts from L Ron Hubbard's ravings about "body thetans" and about how there was no Christ.
protester and attentive clam The gent of the right is a "new" protester, Hartley P., and the individual on the left is a clam who took some time to read our leaflets very carefully (after having distributed all his copies of whatever they were handing out and hassling other protesters for a long time). The clam then went into the org, had a very short conversation with the receptionist and left. One wonders what to make of this...

Reports from London

Roland R-B.
Hartley P.
Dave B.
Martin P.
Peter H.

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