London protest against the Co$ Dec -97 pictures

Apologies for the quality of the images - the light was low, I was in a hurry and so I got some camera shake. Furthermore, I only used a high-quality scanner for the image of Dave and the new sound system, the rest of the images were produced using a fast but low-quality method

This was out first return to London since they had gotten out of hand in the early summer.

We were protesting to mark the death of Lisa McPherson two years ago at the "Flag" $cientology organisation in Clearwater, Florida.

We had a quite impressive turn-out, both Internet and FUSS protesters, plus our much-vaunted Sound System

Dave and proto -
	sound system
Dave and new sound system
Dave merrily enturbulating the clams and informing the passer-bys using the new sound system. The sound system consis of four PA horns (white, mounted at the top), one portable stereo (CD, radio and double castte players), lead-acid battery and a stereo booster amp (2 times 15 W RMS into 4 Ohms).

The sound levels from this thing is truly impressive. The police politely asked us to turn it down, so there must be enough "Oomph!" for our purposes... The box spreads sound to both sides, in a wide arc from 30o "behind" the back to 75o "in front". The gap in sound spread in the "dead ahead" direction is intentional (the aim is to prevent sound from going straight across the street, bouncing off the wall on the other side and causing feedback). (For orientation purposes: Dave is standing "behind" the sound system.)

The system as shown here is not quite finished. In particular, what is missing is a more substantial method of securing the components in the lower compartment (on the photo, the bits and pieces are held in by faith and gravity...) and suitable lettering on the back to indicate the ownership of the box.

The clams honoured the occasion with an intensely staged "counter-protest." Some members where obviously only there to wave the "flag" (sorry!), while some where engaged in conversations with the protesters.

Clam and constable The picture on the left shows a local clam and one of the police officers who were present at the whole protest. I have no idea what the discussion was all about, but I really like the look of the body language of the constable...

The picture on the right shows the very enthusiastic Sea Ogre who went around ad promised everyone SP declares, as well as predicting that we would rapidly develop a fatal disease, drop our bodies and get a "nasty surprise." Quite what he thought he was doing, I don't know - that kind of mumbo-jumbo might be very effective inside the Sea Org, but in Real Life[tm] if gets him less than nowhere..

Sea Ogre, very petty officer

More pictures from London

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