Photos from protest May 3rd 1997

The textual protest reports are collected in a seperate file.

This was another unannounced picket against the tatty Tottenham Court Road org. In spite of a lack of picket signs, we were not entirely without resources.

Roland, Body
Thetans and leaflets Roland handing out leaflets. The little ping-pong balls are really Body Thetans. A minimum set is one happy and one sad (see assists tape for the reason why...). From his ARSCC (tinarcss) property bag he pulls Xemu leaflets. Sunglasses are required wear to enturbulate the clams when they try on the old TRs.

Dave and BTs A more full set of BTs are modelled here by Dave, in his full picketing rig. Just the thing to go with a megaphone, using which one can enlighten innocent passer-bys to the weird ways of the space-alien cult.

Clamspore and
fighting clam There was a little clamspore running around the org. It was kind of sad to see someone who could have been a regular kid, but who spent his time running around with a bunch of violent, mentally unbalanced cult freaks. The less tiny clam is the one who thought that the picket were just too darned peaceful...

Roland, bloodied
but not beaten ..and went and punched Roland in the face. The blood on Roland's forehead is two small wounds. Nothing broken, fortunately, but nevertheless not something one relishes.

Roland maintains that the clam came up while Roland was singing and tore Roland's song sheet from his hands. The clam the proceeded to tear up the song sheet. Roland asked for his sheet back at which point the clam tried to stuff the torn-up sheet down Roland's shirt. (It's probably at this point that Roland's Body Thetans got cleared - let it not be said that clam tech cannot achieve results!)

When Roland pushed the clam away, the clam repeatedly punched Roland in the face (Roland estimates 5-6 times).

To see what all this was (partly) about, have a look at Roland's Xemu leaflet.

conferencing before reporting to police The temperamental little clam went inside the org, and emerged with two pals. The one in the centre is the nasty piece of work referred to elsewhere as "pencil-neck." The one on the right is another rough looking dude (the attacker is on the left).

Duke with blood
on him Duke, like the little trooper he is, stood by his master's side during the attack. Like a good peaceful protester, he restrained himself, in spite of the blood dripping on him.

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