More pictures from protest against the Co$, East Grinstead, May 1998

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Bicycle clam The first clam on the scene at the St Hill side entrance was this bicycle person. Spiffy uniform...

Duke, sound-system and protester Here is Duke, calmly surveying the protest at the St Hill gate. Protester in the background (and curious clam peeking in at the bottom right corner).

Getting off the driveway at St Hill Afte a while, we were instructed to move on. A group of clams assist Martin in finding the way (in case he couldn't spot the road which was at most two yards in front of him...). The clam in a pink shirt seemed to be in charge.

Photo: Roland R-B.

Getting shoved about a little At the main demo, the obnoxious passer-by returned and started getting into his act again. In this picture, I'm being pushed around (well, he'd try to push me around, but he wouldn't always succeed). He had a go at quite a few other protesters.

The patent-pending Anti-Violent-Incident Technology (trademarked by the ARSCC-UK which does not exist) stood us in fine steed. Not a hand was raised (as far as I know), and the protest continued after the whole thing had drifted over.

Photo: Roland R-B.

The clarge of the loony brigade

After a while, he made off with Duke, at which point two of us detached ourselves from the demo and went after him. This ended in making a formal complaint at the police station, which kept the guy off the street (he had been picked up by one of the police teams looking into this).

This picture is where it all stopped being funny. The guy was swinging Duke at us (over his head) and running after us - on a footbridge over a busy road.

Probably another fine example of "Care in the Community"...

This picture is - admittedly - out of focus. I just didn't have time to re-focus. On this image I have the full scan of the negative which shows how close the guy was - 90mm focal length lens on 35mm camera.

Clams thinking for themselves (in unison) The clams milled out of the bookstore (or whatever it is) and started handing out "Think for Yourself" leaflets. All of them handed out the same leaflet.

Here, a cluster of them is showing off their fine ability to forge their way through life in a truly individual fashion, $cientology style.

Photo: Roland R-B.

Protest in front of bookstore In-your-face confront The protest is under way.

Left: Dave and Roland trying to outshout each other. Dave might have the advantage of the sound system, but Roland is full of the spirit.

Right: Clam being very jolly, and very much in John's face.

Two clams try their best to look like protester More yellow clams By some sort of coincidence, some of the clams appeared in, or changed to, T-shirts of the same colour as one of our guys. See earlier picture - he was wearing the thing right from the start...

I guess they didn't have any white T-shirts...

Photo: Roland R-B.

St Hill clam, 1 St Hill clam, 2 Two clams at the side entrance to St Hill.

Bookstore clam, 1 Bookstore clam, 2 Clams at bookstore. The one on the left had also arrived at the side entrance while we were out there.

Bookstore clam, 3 Bookstore clam, 4 More clams at bookstore.
Cluster of clams in front of bookshop Demo ends To the left, woman showing lots of confront (Roland has titled the picture "pretend_ot3") in front of a large cluster of clams at the bookshop.

To the right, the end of the demo.

Photo: Roland R-B.

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