Pictures from protest against the Co$, East Grinstead, May 1998

On May 9th we picked East Grinstead in West Sussex, home of the UK headquarters of the $cientology cult, as our target for the world-wide protest day to mark the publication of the infamous book "Dianetics - etc etc".

Roland in spiffing new protesting T-shirt This demo saw the first use of our new T-shirt design (that is: design by Dave B, manufacture facilitated by someone else - they sold like hot cakes to enthusiastic protesters). Roland here models the attractive design on the way down from London.

Design graphic on this page.
Protesters and obnoxious passer-by Another first at this demo was an aggressive individual who seemed to be in no mood to honour the lovely day and take it easy. Here, he is haranguing protesters (quite soon after we arrived). As is obvious from the expressions on the faces of the protesters, we had no idea what his problem was. He went on to greater infamy at a second visit.

Photo: Roland R-B.

More pictures from East Grinstead (Roland R-B.)

Reports from East Grinstead

Roland R-B.
Hartley P.
Jens T.
Dave B.
Martin P.

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