Brighton protest against the Co$ Nov -97 pictures

After having had a nice surprise in Poole, we were positively delighted to find that the mission in Brighton had suffered the same fate as the Poole one - the shop on the pedestrian high street where the Co$ had taken marks for the "free" personality tests and regging had been shut.

everywhere 1 Only two clams where leafletting (and none were body-routing!) when we arrived. This show shows protesters in front of the two clams, Dave, John and a Bristolean visible with their backs turned.

everywhere 2 Back at the defunct shop, another group of protesters set up show, collecting signatures for a government inquiry into $cientology. Thje response from the general public was - as always - very positive, and hundreds of signatures were collected.

Late arrival clam This leafletter arrived some time after we started the demo. He handed out leaflets to a not very responsive public.

Original clam leafletters These two were the original contingent from the far-away shop. They were completely non-confront, ignoring us studiously (I guess no-one had told them to do anything...). The one on the right managed to redirect a passer-by to one of us (to find out what the deal was with Patrice Vic - we were happy to fill in the passer-by ;-) ).

Dave and proto -
sound system This is our Z Z Top tribute band... Dave holds the microphone of the trusty megaphone up to the speaker of a portable radio/casette player.

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