Poole protest against the Co$, October 11th 1997

This was an announced protest against the (formerly?) most productive org in the UK. We had expected a serious counter-demonstration, but found no activity at the square where the clams had been doing most of their body-routing.

Bookshop in a
state we like This turned out to be the explanation. The bookshop where the "raw meat" was usually taken to partake in free personality tests and brainwashing was empty and "for rent." After decorating it with one or two Xemu leaflets, we left well alone and joined the main action.

Two body-routers At the remaining site for clams in Poole, we did eventually spot the opposition. The young lady was wearing the quite nice Dianetics jacket. We wondered if it would be possible to acquire one (and suitably re-decorate it, of course), but felt that this question would only enturbulate the clams...

Yet Another
Body-Router This chap was not very keen on getting his picture taken. He also got quite upset when we re-directed a passer-by who was about to go into the org to have a personality test.

Discussion around
bench As we found outselves with very little to do, we made ourselves comfortable while chatting with the body-routers. Somehow, the clam must have not have been interested in being "at cause" over the rain.

Shortly after this picture was taken, a lady clam came out from the org and asked to speak with the body-router. He left immediately. Our guys hope it wasn't something they said...

Roland a friends After the demo and the chat with two clams in a pub, we went down to the harbour for some food. Roland amused himself by throwing chips (that's "fries" to the 'mericans) to the sea-gulls. I hope his Body-Thetans don't cause any problems for the poor birds...

Reports from
Dave B.
John R.
Roland R-B.

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