Airplane pictures

Salon des Avions de Légende

At the Musée de l'air et de l'espace, a small collection of WWII allied-side planes were flown in and shown to a drooling public. Although aerobatics were not allowed (due to closeness of a major Paris airport), a few of the planes took off and landed, allowing the audience an audiable impression.

Spitfire JPG 5K The Supermarine Spitfire has been described as a huge engine bolted to a fuselage and a set of wings. This is a Mark IX Spitfire, showing off the regular Merlin engine.

Mustang JPG 5K Mustang P51 with cool mechanic.

F40 Corsair JPG 5K F40 Corsair starting up. The sound is marvellous (much richer than the screech of the merlins...). If only I'd had a tape-recorder. Sigh.

Volksjager JPG 5K Heinkel Volksjager In the museum propoer, there are quite a few nice machines. They have most of (all?) the major French Jet prototype planes from the 50s. There are also a collection of WWII planes, such as this Volksjager (people's fighter). Made from non-stratetig materials, it only saw service on the eastern front. In the background an auto-gyro meant to be towed behind submarines.

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