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The 24 hour race at Le Mans, 1995

The 1995 24 race was the first time I went to a race at Le Mans. I went "raw", just a rucksack to my name, intent on participating in the whole grimy experience, staying up all night and so on. When it started raining in the evening, I had to splash out for a ticket for the covered tribune, so I could stay dry.

Ford GT40;
JPG 4K Ford GT40, part of a small show of cars which had played a part in Le Mans history.

Marcos JPG 3K Marcos The english Marcos was a popular favourite (because of the sound of the V8). One notes the Apple Computer sticker on the wing-mirror. Having a front engine, they coped well with the wet weather and ran faster than most of the Porsches during the night. Come day, they started breaking down and spend some time on the pits. One did however cross the finishing line after the 24 hours.

McLaren F1GTR; JPG 3K McLaren F1GTR The third place finishing McLaren. I'd like to think that I shot it as Derek Bell drove it, but I can't say I made a mental note at the time. The McLarens won because they were able to run faster than the prototypes in the rain.

Old Timer Grand Prix at Nurburgring, 1995

This event always fraws a dedicated crowd and large number of dedicated participants. Some very expensive machines are being raced at 10/10ths, by some very wellknown people (even if only classic car nuts have heard of David Piper, quite a low of people have heard of Nick Mason of the Pink Floyd...).

Ferrari 250LM; JPG 4K Ferrari 250LM from David Piper Racing. David Piper brings gorgeous cars. And he drives them fast, too

Ferrari prototype; JPG 3K D Piper in a Ferrari wanting to pass a slower car before the entry to a slow turn.

Can-am cars; JPG 3K Can-Am cars entering corner at end of the fast straight. These cars make the loudest noise every year, they also make the fastest lap times. The cars in this picture are all McLarens, M6s and M8s.

Retromobile 1998

This looks like a regular street car...

In reality, this is a pure race car beneath the skin. Only two were ever made, one for the personal use of the Mercedes team manager, Uhlenhart (who was a very competent driver).

A minimum of comforts (added weight) and a maximum of race technology makes this one of the most mouth-watering "specials" of the 50s - in my opinion.

Mercedes 300SLR, side view; JPG 51K This is a side view of the Mercedes 300 SLR coupe. The long hood and the extreme exhaust system (ear-plugs are not optional) are two external give-aways that this is no "mere" 300SL...
Mercedes 300SLR, front view; JPG 38K The front view shows the different hood. The two slight bumbs of the 300SL are replaced by a small intake to the left of this picture (not visible).
Mercedes 300SLR, engine; JPG 40K This is the reason the hood is so long...

A straight-eight engine with mechanical fuel injection and desmodromic valve drive. A slightly detuned Grand Prix engine, really.
Mercedes 300SLR, front brakes; JPG 48K The W196 / 300SLR was of the last generation of racing cars with drum brakes. To fit sufficiently large brakes, they were positioned well inside of the wheels, and so there was most of a complete drive system at the front.

This is the front of the engine compartment. The brakes take up a significant amount of room.

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