Jens Wearing hats!

Mad as a hatter, but cheap! Jens in straw hat at ISCAS 1994; JPG 11K This is me in my sanity-challenged, cut-price, would-be scientist phase.

Well, more precisely, this was taken at the ISCAS 1994 conference which was organised by our group at University.

Photo taken by official ISCAS 1994 photographer

Picture of me in weird hat; JPG 10K This, I swear, I do not remember wearing! As one might suspect, this picture was taken at a party, during my wild (ho-hum...) student days in London.

Photo by Jitkasame (Rang) N. (I think)

At the
new Arch de Triomphe; JPG 2.7K Danish Designer with Danish Design. I'm wearing the Apple ER&D ASIC designer uniform (jeans, riding coat and headwear). The hat is my winter Fedora.

Photo by Rosa G.

Picture of me in straw hat Picture from 1997.

Photo by Per T.

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