Pictures from protest against the Co$, Poole, June 6th 1998

Body-router Image of the protest: one of the two lonely body-routers I met at the front of the clam central (they had deserted "ambush alley" for some reason). She busied herself telling me how much their stats were up, and how their stats were always up whenever we showed up. I, for one, will be happy to keep on coming back...

I did not distort this picture, she pulled that face all on her own.
The door is always open - oh yeah? I do believe that there is a policy letter stating that "the door is always open."

When we showed at 12:00 and did our demo to meet with the students going for lunch, we were met with a door which closed. No students appeared.
Train with adoring public As we were doing our XEMU bit, a sight-seeing train pulled up across the street. The people inside the train loved the show.
Stuart the ethics officer and high-street trader As soon as we showed (after a yummy lunch) at the main demo site, the ethics officer of the org showed, and started talking to the AA salesman who's usually right next to our demo. What they had to talk about, I couldn't begin to guess...

This time, we received no report of a complaint about our noise-level, so the police were content to walk by ever so often, and bothered us as little as we bothered anybody else.
Much deserved tea is enjoyed After some time at the main demo site, someone walked up with a tray full of tea. We appreciated this very much.

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