Poole protest against the Co$, August 2nd 1997

Lovely Poole just keeps drawing us back...

This time, we had five of the usual six people, plus one senior protester (also an Internaut, actually...).

Xemu hassling bosy-routers This is Dave getting seriously in the hair (such as it is) of a body-router. The guy with the pony-tail on the right is about to go into the shop, in spite of all the information/advice Dave was sharing with everyone within earshot.
Xemu costume/mask This time, the Xemu costume was complemented by a mask (rubber, encloses the whole head). The locals showed remarkably little interest in this sight - one can only assume that they expect weirdness as soon as the clams are on the street in force. Vision out of this thing is quite limited, and ventilation practically non-existent. The mask came off after some 10-15 minutes. It's much easier to shout without the mask, anyway.

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