Pictures from London demo, March 9th, 1996

T'was a dark and stormy day when the Internet abusers converged on the humble Tottenham Court Road org. The clams had made a major event out of the occasion, with their own band, a theme ("say no to drugs") and lots of defamatory leaflets to hand out.

Arrive at demo; JPG 6K The London org as I saw it when I arrived. I was kind of impressed with the clam activity, band and all, and the amount of clam "counter-protesters". There were roadworks going on, so half the road was blocked off in front of the org. This gave a much needed shelter from the traffic.

Front of org; JPG 6K Front of Org with band and clams. Opinions on the band varied; I thought that they didn't really swing, and they were going too fast during the slow numbers - no soul, in other words.

Street crossing; JPG 6K Street crossing in front of org. Since we could shelter along the road blocks, we were well-placed to harass ('scuse me, inform) the pedestrians. Seen in the middle is the OSA-type who obviously didn't get enough sleep.

Demo across the street; JPG 4K Demonstrators across the street. We were so many protesters that both sides of the street had to be taken into use.

Snap! Snap!; JPG 4K Snap! Snap! goes the clam. A unique and demonstrative way of highlighting one's feeling about the mollusc descent myth. If my jaws hurt, is because I'm laughing too hard... The on-looking clam doesn't quite know what's going on. Another 300k$ and he'll be right clued in.

Good ol' Jacques; JPG 3K Good old Jacques. Seeing how he had just taken a picture of me, I thought that I'd return the compliment. Such a nice-looking fellow, he's rumoured (?) to have been in G.O. B1 in the good old days and presently head of OSA Invest Europe. The on-looking foot-clam is looking kind of grim - I don't know what it is with those people...

YA protester; JPG 4K Another protester, slightly apprehensive about being photographed. He should have been able to tell by the class of my camera that it was all friendly fire. This protester is sporting a Flubbard Electro-muggo-meter, the latest device for lightening your pockets. The T-shirt is also highly stylish.

Dialogue across street; JPG 6K Dialogue across the street between OSA-type and protester.

Orderly retreat; JPG 4K The orderly retreat. After a few hours in the rain, we'd had it, and headed for the pub around the corner.

Protester group photo; JPG 4K The Merry Gang. YHN second from left, and a few bad-ass SPs (go, Bonnie, go!)

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