Pictures from protest in memory of Dave Bird against the Co$, London, March 1st 2008

Mark on pedestrian crossing in front of bOrg
The UK chapter of OFA$ (Old Farts Against $cientology) met on our traditional protesting ground to honour the memory of our departed comrade and to protest against the human rights abuses by the criminal organisation known as the "church" <spit> of $cientology.

A message had been left on the pedestrian crossing.

We're watching you!! - erhm and please don't notice us...
The "We Know Who You Are" filming took on aspects of a parody as some clams were very eager for us to see their cameras and for us to note them taking pictures and yet others had their cameras trained on us semi-permanently but would duck down when we started taking pictures of them. This chap, in the window on the first floor, is definitely crouching down trying to look inconspicuous. Weird.

Picture by Steve Slaughter from OCMB.

Reports from London

John Ritson

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