Photos from London and Poole protests, April 1997

The textual protest reports are collected in a seperate file.

London photos, from protest April 5th

This was the first of two un-announced pickets against UK orgs in April. For this one, we hit our "usual" target, i.e. the scummy-looking org on Tottenham Court Road in central London. Apart from the surprise (which meant that we didn't have to contend with the Damnation Navy band for the attention of the general public), we turned the heat up one notch by the inclusion of a very ably wielded megaphone in the hands of Dave.

Dave and Duke Dave and Duke the dog. Duke is the mascot of the ASRSCC-UK (tinarscc) chapter. He is kitted out with waterwings, so as to prevent him from drowning if, ehh, someone with a vested interest therein should throw him in a pool... Dave was plenty loud with the megaphone.

Steve A with clam
seat Steve A showing the clam-seat which so effectively shows Hubbard's view on evolution, and our opinion of said view.

Canvassing the
bypassers This is why we handed out so many leaflets.. Roland with his raygun in the foreground, non-a.r.s. protester to his left. We had this kind of coverage on both approach directions, on both sidewalks. Topping this, we had Dave right at front of the org with the megaphone, flanked by Steve A and myself. I feel kind of sorry for the general public ;-)

More protesters Protester on the right having the right idea about wearing a hat, but I don't want to know what he did back on Markab.. Protester in the middle showing off an amazingly attractive picket poster (so, it's one of mine, so sue me..). Martin Poulter on the left in the wollen hat.

Protester, clam
and police Richard Woods (husband of Bonnie - GO BONNIE, GO!!) discussing the civil arrest he just made of the nasty piece of work on the left (a clam). The police concluded that there wasn't anything for them to do this time 'round, and that they would haul in both of them the next time.

Jacques and
counter-picket Jacques Vollet of OSA-Invest Europe. He's holding up a picket sign (from the 3 1/2 hour late three-poster "counter demo") with a text which must mean as much to the average bypasser as Hubbard's views in general.

Poole photos, from protest April 12th

It was a very sunny day, hence the very bright photos. The film simply couldn't cope with the contrast - and I might have over-exposed some of them a bit..

Duke in all his
splendour Duke the ARSCC-UK (tinarscc) mascot, looking splendid in his waterwings, ready for any slimy clam who might want to chuck him in the harbour (Poole is on the coast).

Protesters Protesters as far as the eye can see. The guy with the radical haircut on the left is Martin Poulter. Protester on the right holding up a very nice sign (these weren't my signs, but they were nice!)

Local OSA-type Clam lady. I'm pretty sure she's the high-placed OSA woman mentioned in reports. Pleasant enough (i.e. kept her TRs in, in spite of her negative feelings about the demo - just like a robot..)

and photographong clams Two clams. I guess the guy on the right is OSA, he didn't do much except take photos (and engage Dave in some dev-T). Lady on the left is foot-clam, handing out OCA tests. They did not have any copyrights printed on the side with the questions, and I informed her that Co$ didn't actually have the copyright to those questions..

Protester and
harassing clam Valiant protester on the left, brandishing her two signs and not yielding a nano-meter to the harassing clam. (This one seemed like OSA, to me.) She was getting sterling assistance from a member of the general public (grinning to her right in picture - just visible). After a while, I did the "Don't talk to me"/turnabout thing on the clam, and he went away and bothered Dave.

Dave and clams Three clams dev-T'ing Dave. Local chief on the left, OSA-type in the middle with tape recorder, and (I think) foot-clam just visible to the left of Dave. Martin quickly joined them with his tape recorder.

The clam ladies Three clam recruiting ladies. They were good. They were doing a "survey," and body-routing. The one in the middle was very keen on having her picture taken.

Dianetics poster
photo-op Right when we were pulling out, the OSA types showed up with a poster of their own (three hours this time, pathetic response-time!). Martin centre left and Dave centre right sensed a perfect photo-op. Unfortunately, Duke got missed out on this shot, sorry.

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