More pictures from protest against the Co$, East Grinstead, Oct 2004

Some sort of event going on (2nd day of the IAS birthday) and car-parks were packed. While we were there, the stream of cars and buses was slowly ebbing out, so they must have packed in all the clams they were going to get. The occasional fancy car arrived, like this one.

The clams mainly stayed out of sight and let the nice policemen interact with us (good!), but this one came out and waved. Isn't that nice?

Down in East Grinstead, we were delighted to see that the clam presence (the shop which I don't think ever opened which is what was left after the shop on the high street closed) had been closed. The sign said "WE HAVE MOVED Saint Hill Foundation".

The sign didn't say that they had move to anywhere...

We love it when this happens :-)

Time for some cheesy-grinned celebration photos, then!

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