Brighton protest against the Co$ Sept -97

On Saturday Sept 20th, we revisited Brighton. We were better prepared this time (having brought picket signs and more people), and were delighted to find that the clams didn't come out to play. Apparently, they were away at an event at Saint Hill. This suited us just fine...

This time, we had Dave B, Martin P (with two friends), Richard P with two observers and a friend and an Internet critic who hadn't been to a demo before. Duke the dog was keeping a watchful eye out for any sneaky moves to chuck him in the ocean, and seemed to be having a great time.

Protesters everywhere Protesters as far as the eye can see... We spread out in front of their front door (the $cientology org has the two floors above ground level). One can vaguely see a green triangle in a window - that's the org.

The front door of the org is below the "Mitre" in the sign on the right. We piled all our stuff next to the door (no point in being shy about it), and got to work. Dave is in full swing on the megaphone, and protesters are holding up picket signs in a successful bid to capture the interest of the innocent passer-bys.

The head of Xemu A street person who passed by decided to pitch in with our lot. He was very good at getting in the face of the pedestrians, and handed out a rather impressive number of leaflets. In periods where we were out of leaflets (someone had to run off and do some photocopies), this guy had great fun with the Xemu raygun (water-pistol, but who can tell?).

Some of the pixels seems to have gotten lost here. Darned Markab shrouding technology...

Since there were hardly any clams who came out to play, I have no more pictures.

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