Pictures from programme Envoyé Spécial, France 2, 990610

Time reference: at 0:02:12 we fade in on Paul Nahon (the presenter)

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This is simply an annotated list of file names. Nothing in this file should be taken to represent the opnions (or anything else) of France 2, the authors/producers of this video, or -- in fact -- anyone else but the author. Jens Tingleff. And it's all satire, anyway, so there!

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ES_00442.JPG Opening of scientology exhibition, Paris, 1999. Juliette Lewis on the right

ES_00839.JPG Happy French Co$ member

ES_00921.JPG When the happy French Co$ member discusses $cientology with her non-Co$ friend (on left), OSA geek (on right) cuts them off. Co$ member runs off.

ES_01030.JPG Leader of French Co$ in 1978 before the trial where he, a few other French Co$ leaders and LRH are convicted of fraud etc etc.

ES_01135.JPG It's an inquisition, declares Marc Bromberg [I believe].

ES_01149.JPG Co$ celebrity who feels the pain

ES_01155.JPG Ditto

ES_01200.JPG Protest against court investigation [somewhere].

ES_01222.JPG OSA's handling of the Lyon investigation, an internal document.

ES_01226.JPG Ditto

ES_01228.JPG And ditto.

ES_01243.JPG Judge Fenech, investigating magistrate in the Lyon case.

ES_01324.JPG Report from OSA handler who ran the French agent who infiltrated the French Prime Minister's inner circle.

ES_01329.JPG Ditto.

ES_01335.JPG Ditto.

ES_01340.JPG Ditto.

ES_01421.JPG Jean-Jacques Mazier, convicted of manslaughter. Arrives at first trial [verdict, I think].

ES_01500.JPG Protest against court investigation in Marseilles.

ES_01558.JPG Ex-member. One of the civil plaintiffs in the Paris investigation (started in 1983, still no actual trial...).

ES_02032.JPG Laywer Metzner on his way to request the investigation ended because of statute of limitations (3 years with no investigation). His reason: Three years's worth of files have gone missing...

ES_02041.JPG Plaintiff's laywers, theorising about who would benefit from files going missing.

ES_02139.JPG Ditto.

ES_02313.JPG Big politician, explaining how infiltrations attempts were made on his committee (when he started, a long time ago).

ES_02413.JPG OSA list of political figures to influence.

ES_02447.JPG Presentation of the 1996 report on cults.

ES_02500.JPG .. with Danielle Gounord (Co$) lording it in splendid isolation in the seats reserved for ministers of the government...

ES_02503.JPG What was she doing there? Showing off her hidden influence??

ES_02539.JPG Hey, I asked for a ticket, and someone sent me one! YEah, sure, there are seats for regular spectators somewhere else, but I just sat where I was told. These things just happen!

ES_02801.JPG Ursula Caberta stating that the consequences of the Co$ gaining a real foot-hold in a European country would be disatrous.

ES_02846.JPG Vote in the US senate on a motion to complain about France and Germany.

ES_02907.JPG Opening of LRH way.

ES_02912.JPG Ditto.

ES_02942.JPG From Clearwater.

ES_02957.JPG Where the damnation navy slaves are everywhere.

ES_03023.JPG Ex-mayor of Clearwater.

ES_03034.JPG .. when he campaigns in the street, the Co$ goons swarm.

ES_03038.JPG . and swarm.

ES_03042.JPG .. and take pictures..

ES_03045.JPG .. and swarm some more.

ES_03214.JPG I went and stole files from the APA, says ex-member (M Wakefield).

ES_03254.JPG The one who didn't get away. 5 years of prison for MSH.

ES_03302.JPG I set up front groups to discredit the IRS, says ex-member (S Brooks-Young).

ES_03404.JPG Back in Paris, the Co$ is not affected too badly by 48.000.000 Fr in tax-arrears (the association folded, and a new one sprang up).

ES_03434.JPG Tried to pay off court with two cheques:

ES_03439.JPG 42.000.000 Fr and change, plus

ES_03442.JPG 5.000.000 Fr and change. No dice, says tax authorities, since

ES_03448.JPG the money could come from anywhere.

ES_03450.JPG So, the association is liquidated.

ES_03543.JPG At new shop (does the guy on the left look familiar, yet?)

ES_03744.JPG Meanwhile, in business training, a company (SOFIAC) was burned by a WISE-member training company (DIACE Conseil).

ES_03810.JPG We learned to say "good morning" in 20 different ways - something with a tone-scale.

ES_03953.JPG The teacher took me and my fiancée for dinner, and gacve us a test, and tried to sell us....

ES_04216.JPG Hard sell drills, from LRH.

ES_04257.JPG ditto.

ES_04435.JPG Ex-$cientologist who refused to have his company run according to WISE methods. He was run into the ground (bankruptcy).

ES_04557.JPG .. and, of course, declared.

ES_04603.JPG WISE France lives here.

ES_04642.JPG Person connected to DIACE Conseil being caught in flagrant lie (she was claiming that the address had nothing to do with anything (and certainly not with the Co$!), and it was pointed out to her that New Era Publishing lives in the building. "Stop. We end here!".

ES_04738.JPG A union boss at the nuclear power station where Pierre Denis had his reactor-running career ruined (for being a $cientologist).

ES_04827.JPG At a meeting to inform people (union and ADFI), a well-known face!.

ES_04900.JPG asking questions which are considered nonsensical by the panel.

ES_04940.JPG and explaining, afterwards, that his tape-recorder (and the notes taken by the person with him) were to assist his memory.

ES_05001.JPG Electricity company big-wig assuring that the company feels very sereen about the whole thing.

ES_05123.JPG The family of Pierre, the nuclear clam.

ES_05144.JPG What, me proselyte? The Co$ try to dominate anything??

ES_05203.JPG Erh, well, yes, actually (KSW).

ES_05210.JPG Ditto.

ES_05330.JPG Pierre is very keen on the Purif Run-over. Here are some pictures from a Gaiman and Gaiman promotionel video of some children from Tchenobyl who are, after all, not.

ES_05333.JPG Ditto. Sauna and vitamins.

ES_05336.JPG Ditto.

ES_05451.JPG Ditto.

ES_05547.JPG Professor, telling everyone how "new religious movements" are so cruelly misunderstood.

ES_05959.JPG The Jism Aces promoting some book. The singer in black and mauve is even worse than the guys.

ES_10037.JPG Closing picture.

ES_10106.JPG Vincent Ngyen

ES_10224.JPG .. and Serge Faubert.