Protests against the Co$ in the UK, text index


Date Place Note
March 1st London Dave Bird memorial picket.


Date Place Note
March 31st London Big BBC TV documentary crew present, good police presence, miserable OSA presence.


Date Place Note
March 11th London Org more like a morgue...
June 10th London Dave Bird returns! Pictures of the fabled new Org in Whitfield street (yawn!!).
Aughust 26th London First demo in front of new bOrg. Not a good picketing location.
October 7th City of London Demo with new org and ne wlocation on Tottenham Court Rd.
October 22nd London Grand Opening of new ideal org. David Miscaviage, chairman of the board, listens to us.
Dec 9th London Lisa McPherson day 2006. TV documentary crew in attendance.


Date Place Note
March 26th London Pretty quiet, no grumbling from police about much.
Sept 19th London New protester, loads of clams, no big confrontation.
Oct 22nd London Clams pre-warned, loads of clams from East Grimstead, one asked by OSA if he was feeling harassed
Dec 10th London Lisa McPherson day. Pretty quiet


Date Place Note
Feb 28th Manchester No clams came out to play, Thomas J Best guest-protesting, police protection.
March 20th Saint Hill Manor / East Grinstead Clams did came out to play, Thomas J Best guest-protesting, police protection.
July 10th London Eight protesters. Some clam activity but no confront.
Oct 2nd Birmingham Five protesters. The "Religiously Aggravated Harassment" laws are brought to bear on us. Our leaflets, our posters, our presence in front of the clam-bed and the word "Cult" are all banned.
Oct 31st East Grinstead On the occasion of IAS Birthday event (day 2) we ptotest in front of Sain Hill Manor. The police are there to remind us of our obligations under the "Religiously Aggravated Harassment" laws - we settle for their protection and re-arrange the demo so as to be allowed to stay the planned amount of time. No shop in town against which to protest...
Dec 4th London On the occasion of Lisa McPherson Day, we protest in front of the Tottenham Court Road shop. Seven police people for seven protesters. We're moved to across the road and stay the planned amount of time.


Date Place Note
Nov 1st Birmingham No clams came out to play, new and bigger balloon!
Sept 13th East Grinstead
(St. Hill Manor)
Small Co$ presence, police protection


Date Place Note
Brighton May 22nd Brighton Not a lot of clams (in Co$ shop),
lots of audience
April 17th Birmingham Lots of clams
March 13th East Grinstead
(St. Hill Manor)
Large presence, police protection


Date Place Note
Dec 5th London Lisa McPherson annual memorial protest
Nov 14th Birmingham First time here.
Oct 10th London New T-shirts, guest, ALIENS!!
July London Small demo before main action (NCCL meeting)
June 6th Poole Train greets protesters, body-router tries to charm photographer
May 30th Manchester
May 9th East Grinstead
(Saint Hill)
World-Wide protest on the anniversary of "Dianetics"
April 4th Manchester
March 28th Poole Clarrie the giant clammshell makes her first appearance, yet another Xemu costume
March 14th Poole New Xemu
Feb. 7th London


Date Place Note
Dec. London Lisa McPherson memorial protest
Nov. Brighton The clams had moved out of their main Body-Routing office
Oct. 11th Poole The bookshop (Body-Routing central) was shut!
Sept. 20th Brighton Lots of protesters, no clams. Very Nice
Aug. 2nd Poole
June Brighton First protest in Brighton
May 17th Poole Balloons and Xemu costume for the first time
May 3rd London Started out peacefully enough, but that didn't suit the clams
April 12th Poole
April 5th London


Date Place Note
March 9th London Internet and FUSS protesters, large turnout

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