Pictures from protest against the Co$, East Grinstead, March 2004

Parking Tech [TM] - when enough is enough This is the skinny clam on the left directing badly driving clam in the red car to park close - closer - closer - bit more - to Tam, who's getting a little bit apprehensive.

Tam was having to remind the clam that pushing Tam around was a really bad idea, and I had my phone calling the emergency number, when the police arrived en masse. Phew.

The picket sign held by Tam is not meant to be ironic.
Police, errant clam, Tony In Town, not all proceeded smoothly. Several clams tried to snatch the posters. The police had to remind them that this was not a good idea.

I wonder if we've seen the perpetrator of this particular bogded attempt at snatching before.

Reports from East Grinstead


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