Brief list of activities

Summer 1981 to summer 1984, secondary school, Nørre Gymnasium. Main subjects: Math and Music
Spring 1985 to summer 1989, first degree, taken at the Technical University of Denmark. Final project performed at the Circuit Theory Group supervised by Erik Lindberg. Title of final project Topological Circuit Synthesis on a Parallel Computer
Fall of 1989 to fall of 1990, work as research assistant at the Institute of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen . Project concerned with numerical software for toppoint search in scale space, supervised by Prof Peter Johansen
Fall of 1990 to spring of 1994, PhD study at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College, University of London supervised by Prof Chris Toumazou. Title of thesis Current Mode Wave Active Filters. A topology for high speed integrated analogue filters . Thesis outline and table of contents are on-line
Fall of 1994 to spring of 1997, work at the Advanced Technology Group under Larry Taylor atApple Computer Europe. Project is hardware for the ETSI RES10 HiperLan radio network standard, under the European Commision co-funded ESPRIT project number 9166 Hiperion
More Work
Fall of 1999 to present, work at CSR - Cambridge Silicon Radio - working on system and anaologue integrated circuit design work.
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