More pictures from protest against the Co$, London, June 10th 2006

Setting up
Setting up demo. "Charlotte" showing off an excellent Xenu costume.

Enthusiastic leafletting clam
Enthusiastic leafletting clam.

Being photographed
Oooh, look, we're being photographed! Do you think they know where we live??

Long-suffering DSA having finished one round of attempting to intimidate us with a camera.

Grumpy leafletting clamette
Grumpy leafletting clam. She did occsionally try to shout us down. Didn't work.

A.n.other leafletting clamette
A.n.other leafletting clamette. I guess my camera was having a ladies day, refusing to focus when the subject was a clamette.

A picture brings joy
A picture brings joy

More grumpyness
Grumpy leafletting clamette not having her mood improved by Tony. Awwhh...

How not to leaflet, 2
Enthusiastic leafletting clam doing it all wrong. He'd block pedestrians, then walk alongside them trying to get them to take the leaflet, then reading to them them if they managed to resist that far.

What a pest.

In the foreground, we show how it's done: Have a leaflet that people might want. Offer it to them without trying to force it on them.

More photographing
"Right! Go out and take some more pictures!! That'll make them go away!!!"

Spreading out leafletting
After the police had approved of a split-up leafletting arrangement, we stuck to our assigned spaces, while the clams continued to occuypy all of the pavement, all over the place...

Clams carpet-leafletting, 1
Clams leafletting with enthusiasm.

Clams carpet-leafletting, 2
Clamette leafletting out of place

Late arriving leafletting clam
Late arriving leafletting clam

Showing off the world cup to the public?
Showing off the world cup to the public? I thought that there was rules about that kind of thing...

New Org, Whitfield Street, door
New Org, Whitfield Street, door

Photographer getting caught in the frame, there.

The clamette insisted that I could not take pictures. I'm afraid that I could.

New Org, Whitfield Street, building
New Org, Whitfield Street, building.

Only one street in from Tottenham Court Rd, and already no foot traffic at all.

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