Reports from protest against the Co$, London, Dec 5th, 1998

Report by Dave B.

Hi. Just got back in from travel at 23:00. How was your 5th Dec picket wherever you are? We had Dave, Jens, Roland, Hartley, Martin, JohnR, the Big Fellah, Leslie, and two new people who can name themselves if they like. There were no students to bother with at noon, and no jazz band though the bOrg must have expected a picket from the talk on ARS. I went steaming out of the pub with the 5ft silver space alien and some other tack, Roland ahead of me with the sound system, then.... hold on, everyone else seems to be 3minutes later. Eventually we arrived round the corner to London Org, pitched up, and the sound went on with L.Ron Hubbard extracts (rerecorded at a better, higher, level).

We had a 6ft long professional PVC banner "Scientology says you're full of dead space aliens" on two broom handles, this ended up tied to the grill of the shop next door with a big silver inflatable alien holding the pole one end. After a while I used the microphone and gave them forty minutes continuous of the usual stuff, dead space aliens, singing the "Xemu rap", the history of Lisa MacPherson, etc. Public reception was very good. The indefatigable Jacques Vollet appeared with two little A3 placards directed at Bob Minton. "Is he here then Jacques? where is he?? He returned to America before he could meet us." A photographer turned up for the student magazine, and he was delighted to jump in next to me, the banner, and the inflatable alien. Hmm, he obviously thinks no publicity can be bad publicity. Me, I thought, hmm, pictures showing that there's this nutty cult just down the road from UCL that you can go and tease.....I've been trying to get public awareness there for months.

They had their own pathetic ghetto blaster in the entrance, playing mostly soft middle of the road music---pity they didn't put it there--- which gave a nice atmosphere and was quite powerless to drown out our sound system. Roland took over and did 40 or 50 minutes on the mic, mostly aimed at getting the OT3 message across to the clams. Their people would stick their arm out with a leaflet at a passerby, and every so often I would flip the inflatable aliens mitt out to be handed a laeflet, but they didn't take the bait.

It was very cold, and we carried on for just over two hours (until a little past three), then people were for a return to the pub. Jacques popped in and talked to a couple of people for a while, then left. So we sat round and plotted the destruction of CofS in the new year.....

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