More pictures from protest against the Co$, London, Sept 3rd 1998

[Photos and comments by Roland R-B]

Departure from Pub This is us setting off from the Fitzroy Tavern on the way to the demo. From left to right is Andreas (rear view), Jens, John Ritson, hidden guest and Dave Bird.
Arrive at bOrg We pitch camp outside the org on Tottenham Court Road.
In front of bOrg Another one outside the org. Peter Lucy in foreground, Andreas hidden on the left and a clam on the far right.
Clams and policeman Clams in front of the org. There is a hidden policemen there.
Dave, Aliens, boom-box Dave Bird with aliens and boom-box.
Jacques, clam Jacques Vollet (Head of Investigations, OSA Europe) talking to a Neanderthal clam. John Ritson with pink alien in the background.
Jens, other Jens looking cool, as usual. Mystery picketer with blue alien and two of our famous red double-decker buses in the background.
Picketer and alien friend Our mystery picketer takes a smoke break.
Martin and Dave Martin Poulter with Dave Bird on the left.
Gang in pub In the pub after the demo. Peter Harding in leathers at left and Hartley P at far right make their first appearance on this photo set.
Roland himself It's me (Roland) folks. I'm enjoying a well deserved pint of bottled Sam Smith's Old Brewery Pale Ale. It's a cold day so I have my Roarin' Donkey sweat shirt on - a pub special sweat shirt from Swindon. Legacy of 3 months work there.
Martin, John and Peter Martin Poulter with John Ritson (left) and Peter Lucy (right).
Peter, John and Martin Peter Harding, John Ritson and Martin Poulter relaxing ib the Fitzroy Tavern after the demo.
Andreas Andreas (Heldal-Lund) in the Fitzroy after the demo.
Aliens! BTs legless due to restimulation with alcohol. A copy of the Punch article is underneath. A BT's foot obscures my head as I stand in front of the Scientology org. A picture of a freezone e-meter is lower to the left and Spice Girl, Geri Haliwell, to my right.

More pictures (Jens T.)

One more leafletter
One more clam leafletter. The picture is kind-of not bad, so I thought I'd include it on an equal-opportunity kind of basis ;-)

Not a Sound System

After we had dominated the street(s) with our boombox, the clams brought out their offering. Observe the mains lead (puts a damper on mobility).

Jacuqes and police officer
Jacques has a discussion with the law and order department - as usual. Nothing comes of it, as far as we know - as usual.

Jacques and Roland

Much mutual photographing going on.

Lots and lots of protesters
Protesters everywhere across the pavement (sidewalk ;-) ) in front of the Co$ shop.

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