More pictures from protest against the Co$, London, March 31st 2007

Settin up the demo
Setting up the demo on our side of the street.

And we're not just saying "our." The police had decided that owing to the substantial number of people present (BBC TV documentary film crew) the protesters had one side of the street to themselves and the clams had their own side. Protsters did not voilate this rule, clams did.

Starting demo
Starting up the demo, John on boombox, Hartley and Charlotte on leaflets (Stephano and new protester joined us later).

Interview comes to our side of the street
Throughout the demo, the BBC TV crew engaged in conversations with the senior clams. This meant that the clam TV crew (the ones in black on the right in this picture poking the camera in the nose of the journalist) and the main BBC cameracrew and the second BBC camera crew all had to fit on the pavement.

John and auxiliary protesting mascot
John and auxiliary protesting mascot. At one stage, all the heady OT stuff in "history of man" became too much for the bear, and he tried to fly away (taking a bunch of leaflets with him). We gently persuaded him to join us again.

Interview in bOrg doorway
The interview moved back the clam side. Graeme Wilson looking on from the right.

Graeme looking cheerful and in charge (NOT!)
Graeme Wilson didn't so much look angry as resigned to a fate worse than death. He appeared about as much in control of events as he was in control of his tie.

The not-so-laughing clams
Not a happy looking clam in sight. John kept trying to get a smile out of Graeme - all to no avail.

At this stage, I would like to say that although we empathise with the suffering that Graeme and others will go through at the hands of the paranoid cult, it is the cult which is doing it to them, not us.

You can walk away - all of you!

videotaping clam
This chap kept a camcorder peeled on us throughout the demo.

More interview
More interviewing happening at the clam door. A bit of a crowd.

Happy smiley clam, leafletting on our side
Happy smiley clam demonstrated his respect for common law and order by coming to stand on our toes.

..and being told to go back
All that effort maintain good TRs, and he was still informed of the rules and duely skulked off home.

Maybe he wasn't knowlingly breaking the rules of the day as explained earlier. After all, it's plausible that the clams who had been told couldn't care less and didn't bother to tell their minions. Either way, the rules were simple, the clams kept breaking them and we complied.

DSA being sent off
While the junior clam might not have known about the rules, it's hard to imagine that the DSA didn't. She still came over to take the mandated photos (this is intimidating, how??). The police saw her off.

Police and senior clams
The clams and the police having a conversation.

OSA looking on top of the world!
If the OSA could look any more miserable, it would take actual wailing and rending of clothes.

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