More pictures from protest against the Co$, London, Dec 9th, 2007

Same old cult, same old building, same new front
Starting demo. Same old place, new old look.

DSA and camera
We're being photographed! Is this when we're supposed to get scared??

Clam on our side
One clam broke ranks and joined us on the other side. He filed past us, squeezing the traffic a little, handing out invites like all get-out..

Arguing clam and TV documentary camera
.. and got into an argument with a passer-by who had taken our leaflet.

Documentary TV crew camera-woman in the background.

A DSA's work is never done..

The DSA when she went to collect the stray clam

Clam side of the street
"look here, you just can't think for yourself. Erhm..." Or whatever form their cognitive dissonance took.

Clam side
On the clam side of the street. Hartley holding up the flag. Poster. Whatever...

Pedestrian looking at our demo across the road after having taken one of our leaflets.

DSA and camerawoman
DSA clamette cornering the camerawoman.

Last shot of clams as we wrap up and go for a well-deserved drink and some suppressive nattering.

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