More pictures from protest against the Co$, London, Oct 7th, 2007

John and Xenu
When you've traveled Bob knows how far frmo your electronic cage, it's good to refresh with a softdrink before going on a demo.

Whitfield Street, setting up
Setting up demo across from the "entrance" in Whitfield street. The entrance on Tottenham Court Rd (main body-routing point, we surmised) was shut.

Whitfield Street, protesters
Loads of protesters. From left, Andy, Jens, Xenu, New Protester 1, Hartley, John.

TCR, closed entrance
We would have liked to protest in Tottenham Court Rd (where the foot traffic is), but the clams resolutely held the door shut.

Sea Ogres(?) leaving Whitfield Street
Someone dressed up to look like a naval officer on shore leave.. Checking out of the Whitfield Street door (joined when leaving by a woman, also dressed in severe blue).

Protesting bear studying History of Man
Our protesting mascot reading through History of Man. when he's done with that, we'll get him started on the proper literature (the phone book lying in the background).

Clam with camera
After the Tottenham Court Rd entrance finally opened, we moved into position. We were photographed right away.

Demo on TCR
Demo coming along nicely.

Protesters facing clams
As usual, grumpy clamette couldn't resist the temptation to come stand on our toes.

Quiet, at times
Grumpy clamette moved back to the shop front after a while.

Hole in the facade Clam entrance
After we decamped for the wider pavement across the road, the clam shop activity went down. A bit.

Protesters enjoying a lot of space
The sunny side of the street.

More clams
We certainly had the attention of the assembled clams. I guess they just don't want to bodyroute anyone.

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