More pictures from protest against the Co$, London, 26th Aug 2006

Setting up demo
Setting up demo. From left: Hartley, new guy 1, Tony, John.

Clamette kvetching to police
Photographing clamette (new DSA?) sharing her view regarding us with the police. I guess she might have been receiving instructions from the phone as the conversation went on - that must have gone down superbly with the police.

Shouting clam entering
Clam who had a good shout at us entering org. Also, would-be-leafletting clamette.

Photographing their hearts out, 1
Yes! It's the part of the demo where pictures are taken. Oooh, we're getting sooo scared, we are (not!).

Photographing their hearts out, 2
More photography.

New entrance (literally)
New entrance (literally, it's not an actual shop) on Tottenham Court Rd. Back through the court-yard and into the back of the Whitfield Street bOrg, I suppose.

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