More pictures from protest against the Co$, London, March 11th, 2006

Arriving at demo
Arriving at demo, shop nearly empty, stacked up books give that "stay away" look. The door may be open, but is anyone going to welcome you in?

Up and running. John and Hartley in their swing, "Charlotte" handing out leaflets and getting the point across with lovely delivery of "Say NO to $cintology."

Rupert the protesting mascot
Rupert the protesting mascot giving the morgue the death stare.

DSA, Junior and clamette
And the clams finally came out to play. DSA clamette on photography duty, "Junior" smiling, clamette freezing.

Junior's death stare.
Actually, Junior did a very good job at pretending to be nice and caring for us (would we like coffee, weren't we cold, weren't we getting tired), but - truth be told - Xemu's warriors are made of much sterner stuff than that.

Junior again
Junior having a go at the death stare.

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