Reports from protest against the Co$, London, Oct 22nd, 2005

Report by Jens

Hi There!

Four determined SPs braved the weather forecast and descended on the London Org (still in its old place) of the criminal organisation known as the "church" <spit> of $cientology. In spite of the "rain" forecase, Xenu looked after his own and the weahter was really quite nice throughout.

The clams appeared to know in advance, and so there was quite a few of them (and a lot of new faces - had they been bussed in for the occasion?).

We stayed closely grouped toghether on "our" side, and they had sporadic forrays up and down the pavement, and finally "sticky leafletting clam" settled in for a spot right in front of the boom-box. I guessed he just couldn't stay away from us :-)

It was hilarious to watch passers-by warmly congratulate sticky leafletting clam on protesting, only for us to burst his approval rating. In other words, by standing in front of us, he made us look more numerous. We could hand out leaflets to the left and right of him, and so continued to do a roaring trade in "Thriving cult of greed and power."

There was quite clearly a new OSA clam in charge who waited for some time and then asked the very happy-looking sticky leafletting clam if he was being "harassed." Much telephoning ensued, and the police showed up after, oh, 40 minutes.

Since the police showed up some 5 minutes before we were planning to go home, we came to a mutual understanding with them in no time.

There had been complaints from the clams that we displayed the word "Xenu" which was an offensive word. I explained that - as far as we knew - it was a very secret word but not offensive. The police wanted to reduce their workload and we wanted to go home on time, so everyone got what they wanted (except possibly the clams who were probably looking foward to us being led off in handcuffs).

The weahter was so good that we could sit outside the pub for a well-earned round of beers.

A lovely day out!

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