More pictures from protest against the Co$, London, UK, March 2005

Setting up demo
Setting up demo. The clams had tables for "free stress test" set up. Our police protection arrived and in place.

A new place to be a boombox
The policepeople requested that we move across the road so as not to disturn the classes which were alledgedly going on upstairs at the shop. Right. I hope they could hear what they were saying over the loud music coming from the boombox at the shop doorway.

Underway, leafletting continuing in front of shop
Even though we were asked to put the boombox on the other side of the road, we were allowed to keep leafletting, which we duly did.

Dave G
Dave Gerard looking on.

Two clams looking thrilled
Two clams, the DSA and another, looking positively delighted to be there.

Staffers and pssers-by
Staffers and passers-by.

Protesters in the face of the shop
Protesters right in the face of the shop - and loving every minute of it!

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