More pictures from protest against the Co$, East Grinstead, March 2004

Starting up
When we arrived, there were only a few vans parked in front of the Saint Hill Manor gate. We set up, using the vans as convenient shelter from the traffic.

Picket signs
Picket sign and Tam.

Graeme arrives
Graeme Wilson arrives.

Parking directions
Skinny clam arrives and starts directing vans (coming out of Saint Hil Manor) to park where we're standing.

More directions
More directing of parking.

Onbstructions in the road
We dont move from our positions on the verge, and the vans end up parked in the road...

Tam and cavalry
After having a tense moment, the police arrives and the parking clams disappear. The directing clam hisses "you're feeling smug now" as a farewell.

Well, we did appreciate not having clams trying to park on our toes, yes.

Police at the gates
With the police present at the gates, the rest of the first part of the demo concludes without any trouble.

Graeme Dev-T'ing
Graeme and the police having a chat.

East Grinstead clambed
The East Grinstead town Co$ "presence"

Protesting in front of clambed
We spread out in front of the clambed (on the extreme left of this picture).

Graeme chatting some more
Graeme and Stridentia the Angry Clamette chatting to the police. At length.

John Keeping his hat on in the wind.

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