Reports from protest against the Co$, East Grinstead, Sept 2003

Report by Dave B.

A picket should be currently in progress, phase one at Saint Hill front gate from 12:00 through 14:00, and phase two at the S.Hill Shop corner of High Street and Ship Street in East Grinstead itself from 15:00 through 16:30. Seven people are picketing the shop now, including Richard Woods. A few scientology nabobs like Graeme Wilson are sneaking around somewhat non-confrontationally. Weather is warm sunlight, indian summer. We must do East Grinstead more often!

All in all, it sounds like a grand day out.

Report by John R

Five regulars plus one new recruit arrived at East Grinstead on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. The first problem was "Where are the Scientologists?" They have abandoned their presence ('Saint Hill Information Centre and Bookshop') on the main shopping street opposite the Broadway pub, perhaps after too many unpaid rent demands.

They have a new location opposite the Ship pub, but their advanced stealth technology meant that I completely failed to spot it. We set off by taxis to the main gates of Saint Hill, and parked ourselves opposite the gates. Despite our boombox turned up to full volume only one security guard (head glued to mobile phone) made an appearance, although we glimpsed Graeme Wilson sneaking around in the bushes.

The location is on a narrow country road which is obviously very popular as a shortcut to somewhere so we had to squash ourselves into a narrow gap between the hedge and the road. The police were very helpful and erected a 'SLOW' sign to ensure safety. Many of the drivers passing shouted encouragement. Drivers going into and out of Saint Hill maintained a stony silence. After about forty minutes the taxis turned up to take us back to East Grinstead and the Ship pub, where the new Scientology presence was pointed out to us. A pile of rubble and two locked doors The Ship is a Young's pub, one of the best watering holes we have found in our picketing activities. We even spotted celebrity Scientologists Lord and Lady McNair (a hereditary peer, but no longer in the House of Lords, so no longer with any effect on British lawmaking) . After an hour or so we emerged to picket the Scientology dump, which eventually opened one door, to let a couple of Scientologists with mobile phones wander about. The police asked us to turn down the volume as their had been complaints (no prizes for guessing who from). We were happy to comply as even on moderate volume I could still be heard clearly on the far side of the road.

Much support from the public, and the local Baptist church even brought us out tea and biscuits, so I expanded my usual spiel to include a section about the "R6 implant".

Just before five we called it a day and returned to the station, passing another Scientology storefront, for the notorious "Greenfields School". This had a publication with a picture of how children understand complex abstract concepts by clay modelling (writing down the word on a piece of paper and sticking it in an amorphous lump of clay), and boasting that a child who had been in the "stupid class" as state school had been top of his class at Greenfields. Either a stirring vindication of L. .Ron Hubbard's educational technology, or a demonstration that "in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king". There was another 'educational publication', this time from the US, Volume 1, Issue 1 of 'HELP, the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project', showing Governor Wilson(!) of California holding a presentation cheque dated 1997.. I can hardly wait for Issue 2.

We even re-discovered a set of A0 placards we had thought lost back in 1995. Definitely one of our more enjoyable pickets.

Report by Jens T


Xenu smiled on six UK suppressives who paid a visit to the non-confront UK Continental headquarters in East Grinstead of the criminal organisation knowen as the "church" <spit> of $cientology.

The Police kept a watchful eye on us in the lane across from the gate at St Hill and even provided a notice ("POLICE - SLOW") further up the road. Various un-amused clams went in and out, and a seriously under-confronting Graeme Wilson (head of OSA UK) popped his head up in the background. No-one even bothered to photograph us (undoubably a great disappointment to the new protester ;-) ).

In East Grinstead itself, we initially completely missed the $cientology "presence." Only a dull poster in a window indicated that they were indeed hanging out there. Alledgedly, they were having a music band practice, but when they finally opened the door, all we could se was piles of rubbish.

Although Graeme and the McNairs hovered around, they were very shy, didn't say "Hi!" and generally stuck to the background.

The police had received "lots" of complaints, and requested that we turn the volume down. We turned the sound down, and carried on in our mission to inform the public, distribute "Thriving Cult of Greed and Power" and "Who is XEMU" leaflets. No stats for leaflets, this time (not a lot of foot traffic). A clam informed John that Miscaviage was "the most ethical person on the planet." For $cientology values of "ethical," one presumes.

Pictures and - technology permiting - MP3s of John's shpiel on a.b.s. as soon as it's all been digitised (analogue camera today - only the best quality for St Hill!).

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